A space to explore the enigmas of life and relationship through story-telling, art, symbolism and myth.  As a writer, astrologer and visual artist I’m preoccupied with evolution as a creative life theory, and invite others to share that which “evolves” them.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. fivereflections said:

    no i’m not bill 🙂


    David in Maine USA


  2. Greetings, David. Between this new blog and a new fb page, I’m not sure where I know people who write with me are from. So many cyber pages, so many names.

    I’ve read some of your haikus, but must finish your stories. You are a writer. I like your haikus, and wrote a series of these when I lived on the North Massachusetts coast, several heartbeats ago. I’m considering opening a thread in this blog for poet/writers to write and think out loud. Maybe someone else is doing this, but I know plenty of latent poets who don’t have a space to speak. Have to hook a mic’ to this ‘puter so I can read/send in spoken word. This is key to the breath of poetry: A room with a voice.

    Thank you for your writing, and for finding my own.



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