It’s not always evident, whether we’re hastening toward or escaping from conclusions in our lives. For myself, once the chapter’s concluded, it’s time to move on but it often requires some time in the stasis of life to listen to the bug in our ear; to feel the spirit heat of the flame under our butts.

Buddha in His Youth, Odilon Redon

Buddha in His Youth, Odilon Redon

My friend Moss wrote eloquently to this time passage today.

Sometimes there’s no obvious path.

You just have to trust some inner compass and hope you don’t get lost.

Or know there’s no such thing as lost.

Sometimes you stand still for awhile, and listen and learn.

There’s almost never a need to rush.

But sometimes you run, usually like crazy, and away

from something that might not even be chasing you.

Often then is when the damage is done.

Step carefully when you can’t see a path.

Look closely at all that is around you.

Do you even need to go anywhere?

Tara Treanor, July 29, 2014 )

Sometimes it is finally time for us to pack it up and go. That’s where our adventures rise up to greet us with answers to questions we hadn’t even thought to ask while sitting still.

“Try to find a place and start a brand new day.”

Thank you, Neil for your lyrical groovy adamance in our life’s changes.