"Blood and Gold" - Nexus

“Blood and Gold” – Nexus

I’m three minutes late for the first post to WordPress annual writing marathon… but hey, it’s all soul’s day after all. We’re all wafting about somewhere, not accurately on the dot.on.time in ghost space-clock, witch is how I run these days.

Sharing Lynda’s recent paintings, particularly this one, which sings to my choir via her abstractions. Lynda’s also the author of the painterly banners on my site.

Nexus - Gold Columns Embedded in White

I’m personally indebted to her constant feeds via our shared sturm and drang. I was in a bit of a tete-a-tete with other higher minds over whether music or art is the higher form of consciousness. It’s Halloween … I’ll take both. This is the season of the s’witch.  ON/OFF. This year, it’s more like torching heavy water with fire. I’ll leave that to tomorrow’s post.

Lynda’s art is published and available here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/nexus7/collections/63898-my-paper-collage-pieces