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Eddie Vedder covers Floyd’s “Mother”


Breezy just left the building.

Aries Wings

Tomorrow he gets on a plane and moves to OH-UR-Gone.
He thinks it’ll be the desert.
I told him it’ll be green & mountains, so grow some.
We laughed. I’m a mess.
Breezy’s my second son, inherited.
He promised to e-mail when they get settled.
Who will I brew sweet tea for now ?
He thanked me for being his other mother.
I drown in the puddle of his departure.

Ceres transiting your Sun just plain sucks
if you’re a mother-hovered device like me.
So, it’s time to dry up, dress-up and dance
isn’t it ~ under a profound Pisces Moon.

Gothic Angel

Salt embeds beneath my brow.  I’ll sear it to a salutory sandwich.

Raw onion.  Mother’s Dinner for One.