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Before the crisis landed here on earth, Venus and Mars married to the Aries Sun.  Sign of action, compulsion, independence and all that inflames uncontained and combusting in the pure desire of be, without consequence.

Venus & Mars in Aries - Mitchell Nolte

And then unruly siblings showed up on the door like masks at Halloween, hovering with their invitations from planet Spessartine, insisting on their entry with appropriate references from Eris, Lilith, Algol and Chaos conglomerated.

This was a death-star warning of rage, violence, rampant disregard ~ another warning that we are aliens living in our own neighborhoods, as the crazed cops of the cosmos shoved my door open and settled themselves into my tee-vee, the chairs at my desk and dining table, to remind me my antique caddilac and computer   wouldn’t protect me from the infiltrating damage about to blast the streets.

Death star Spessartine Crystal  2013

I challenged these portents of rage, deprived them of dinner, so they fled yettly while I was napping, they bomb-blasted the city of Boston and an earthquake hit political interests on the border of Iraq/Pakistan and death is bleeding in the air despite the North Koreans didn’t bomb the planet and we’ve got triage.

There are feed tubes forced in Guantanomo and Boston, for different reasons. Think.  Are we not all victims of culture’s violence ?

Disregard as to why, and merely cry for humanity in crisis mode.

Weeping Angel - Artist unknown - Cincinnati Museum