Early summer’s gambol of color, bright light and florals send an invitation to sensory perceptions.  It’s the season of Gemini’s multi-farious inventions captured by Cancerian meditations. By July we are smelling the roses. The solar nature goes on pause in a blessed day of showers and sunshine, in which the flowers bless us in their dance.

The Sabian symbol for my S.Node is “A Crystal Gazer”. which is most apt to its function as a synthesizer of intuitive meaning in all matters, past and present.  It’s also in Aries, which concludes that the colors and impressions most often are lively and impressionistic. I call this my Kal-eyed-scope.  It’s a busy crystal ball ~ whorling all that meets me through it. Some who know me might attribute the divining function to Kali ~ rampant vindicator of “wrong” ~ but my eyepiece parces judgement to no one.  It merely observes organic and geometric order where chaos might otherwise reign. We Aries’ run free in natural colours.

We Aries’ run free even when

we’re still and watching

colour change the picture,

glanced through lifely orbs

snap-shots from the crystal ball.

~ ~ ~

Literary content copywrite of Moira Campbell @ Melusined.com 2012