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Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests

(Sabian for 5 degree Cancer sun)

“An instictual dedication of self to new forms of life.”

~ ~ ~

I am an incubator, a harbinger of prosper and grow:

this is the symbol of my sun cyclically gestating life

in real-time petri dishes, nests, baskets of belong.

~ ~ ~

A quail with clipped wing
longs for her brood to find her
stymied in twilight.
~ ~ ~
The Quail is revered in Roman mythology as keen as the owl, but domestically devoted. The Quail does not fly, it forages on the earthly plain ~ it’s partners devoted to each other in the sustenance of family and community. It’s symbolic enemy is the fox ~ who hunts their nests near earthen shrubberies, as though the singular intention of a fox might triumph in its devastation, the purpose of the whole. It is the quail that nurtures civility in the whole.
The Quail is any marriage devoted to cultivation.
The Quail is my devotional being.
~ ~ ~
Literary content copywrite of Moira Campbell @ Melusined.com 2012