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Wonderously I pulled one card from the deck and it was She: The Queen of Wands. This is significant to my meditations on this annual event ~ the Birthday.

Queen of Wands ~ Kat Black Golden Tarot

When I was young my significator was the Princess of Cups, who became the Queen of Cups once I became mother to a pair of pages: the Prince of Wands and the Princess of Swords.

I am now the Queen of Wands, inspired and inspiring. She is the emotional crucible that torched with flame, sends signals like smoke vapored from the campfire to the stars and to the starry bottoms of the sea, she pursues the anised aroma of oysters breeding pearls in ancient coral reefs.

She is Venus on Fire, immersed in passionate devotions.

She’s got a cell-phone in Atlantis calling everyone: be free.

Pyrite Venusian Shield ~ Lavinsky Archive

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