Sleeping Mermaids

David Delamare Collection

Venus, the planet of love ~ harmony ~ diplomacy ~ aesthetic and worthly values is tripping backwards through this month. ¬†We can hear our calculators ringing through our hearts and minds as we measure what’s of value, and in what manner. We are cloistered in our desire closets, silently and perhaps surepticiously measuring the pros and cons of our desires in general, and our relationships, specifically.

A short synopsis of the contemplations we reside in about our relationships and how we must hibernate with them sometimes in order to discern how they are best supported, neglected, rejected or ignited when the embryonic journey is done.

The current transits indicate this is a time for connections that are not fraught with frenzy of any kind. These ones can help us negotiate our daily business; the big ones require more time to process into our big pictures.  Rather like stepping tepidly into the low tide, quite unsure what one will step on or drop into beyond that.

It’s important to remember we have arms to swim above a stony shoal ensconced in brackish sea-weed; likewise wings to soar above some petty interpersonal demise.

It will be the end of June by the time we feel free to evolve out of the embryo and take a stand on the next sand bar, or most substantial cloud … each illuminated the summer solstice rays through its mercurial substances.

~ ~ ~

New Banner art captured and cropped from Nexus 7 ~ Gold Swirls Against Deep Red