I named this blog Magdalena Smiles as a reminder of how history and myth dovetail to get the best of us in the “what we think we know” department.  Sometimes we just have to go with our gut instincts and intuitions in order to grasp the reality in play.  Two sides to every coin and the truth is in the shades of gray is my approach to the stories we’re told, and the ones we tell ourselves and others. We weave our own mythos out of the factual details of our lives, creating patterns we can understand; patterns we choose to present ourselves to others.

My experience of Magdalene, based on instinct and historical research, is that she was a devoted lover as Jesus’ wife, an educated aesthete of her culture, and a spiritually motivated woman, who walked Jesus’ philosophy through the rest of her life as his prime disciple.  Call me a romantic and idealist: this is my life mythos and Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus is a symbol of it. She smiles through me in knowing, yet un-provable ways.

At the beginning of this first summer holiday which will find many of us thrilling to water in our lives, I found this angel: an enigmatic silhouette sparkling in her sunlight.  The truth is constantly transforming, like light fractured through water-beaded wings, and we are merely source for the instants of recognition that form through us.