Venus transiting through the jewelled box of relationships has had me dredging the dross from the finery of my Pandora self over the past two months.  I’ve never been a jewel hound, but seemed to possess a lot.  Or did, as I’ve let some inventory go lately.
I’m dressed in the amazing work of friends who practice this fine-art, if only in the cyber-mind mirror.  The first is Michael’s bead-work.  The second is Liza’s.  His are so much my Sun-Moon aspiring.  Hers are so much my Sun-Neptune grooving.  Michael sent me this work of wonder.

I’m waiting for the garnet-opal vision Liza sends to me, on my request.  These few pieces can happily replace all the gold-diamond-pearls that have chipped/warped and dented on my way through time.

Art received from the ones you know is bolder than any catalogue of values.

Liza’s Website: https://sites.google.com/site/designsbylizajanejewelry/

Venus and I will continue sorting gems from the mind-field !