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Life’s been rather downstream lately.  I’ve discovered Ophelia nestled into a group of other asteroid goddesses that are under transit action for the time being.  The time being, lost or sacrified in the stream of my lifely events. So, it seems time to ride her current for a while and contemplate life’s changes and mandates.  Ophelia is also conjunct Nemesis and Circe in my chart. Funny Hah! That Venus, the planet of love and harmony is transiting my points of submission to love’s demise (Ophelia),  judgemental equity/fair deals (Nemisis) and the intuitive sorcerer who can lame or heal her partners (Circe) all nestled in my house of relationships.

My mother sent a message she’d dreamt of me.  That usually means she thinks I’m dying.  It generally means I’m changing. 

Lilith’s placement in this house will wait for another post.  Conjunct Medusa SHE is … I’ve been deigned to ruin with relationships from the get-go!

But, we all have to thrive somehow.  I caught a great interview with Thom Yorke on BBC, speaking about the passage of his life with his band after 20 years together. His short words describing the quality of his relationship to his band members most clearly represents how one with an Aries Moon (as I do) shoots it out there, praying for whoever’s catching the ball to orchestrate it into the symphonies he and the band have always achieved.  Hats off !  His thoughts are at about 26:11 in this video.