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I’ve written a poem to the porcelained tea-leaves “reading me”. I am selling all these things; these long treasured cargoes of delicacies embossed with blue flowers of white onion, golden quails of paradise and tender, miniature figures meeting at the cherry-blossom bridge.  All are sculpted for travelling, their wicker handles designed for the pack or carry trade. It is spring, and time for house-clearing.

Photographs will neatly sort between sheaves of poetry, portfolioed with plastic cassette coffins of music and moroccan musings only my children will ever listen to again.

But as “out with the old, and in with the new” will do, my downloads replenish the domestic inventory with cyber vessels which take up such less space. Cookied bytes of capsules will sort into the accordian folds of my life waltzing out its spam-blocked windows to where the heart revives in an angel’s copius embrace.

There is a chalice, I know.  And I know I am It.  So, I prepare to travel with nothing but my soul and one slim silver dime fished out of the wishing pool, for good luck and a bowl of pudding on my way.  All this “stuff” about me dissolves in time obsessed to the elementals of my heart resting in its porcelained chalice, essential.

~ ~ ~

Phoebe has a blog that loves squirrels, nestling where they do when they’re not running their game. I dedicate this photo to her, and all the randoms a squirrel will hasten to its profit.  Phoebe’s an uber-mind chaser and collector:  I can pack that.


~ ~ ~

This is the tarot card I’ve drawn several times this week.  The Ace of Cups ~ Vessel of emotional well-being; the heart’s path going forward in fruition, crossing bridges between stagnation and desire.  A chalice of life’s blood offered to the cosmos.

The fixed star Alkes is akin to this card. Alkes represents the chalice of heart offered in spite of potential consequences to one’s self. Both the star and the card indicate one’s need to rise above mundane considerations, in order to feed the life of the heart-mind-soul devoted to an ideal larger than one’self.  Funny hah that Alkes conjuncts Apollo and Aphrodite asteroids in my astro-matrix.  “Giving it up for love, everyday” in the excruciatingly ideal way.  But, hey, someone’s gotta do it, right ?

I am the love-borne bleed-out queen. The heart’s in charge and I’ll find vessels for it as I negotiate my route to the golden chalice.

The deck: http://goldentarot.com/micuac.htm

A psychic once told me my life purpose was “love”.  Such a crucible, a chalice, to have to pursue!  But I have always been “game” for it.  Is this not life’s most perplexing adventure ?  I’ve submitted and submerged to the bottom of this chalice, and have known myself drowning there, but I emerge.  Life’s taught me how to breathe back to the surface through thicknesses of blood and wine, congealing behind me.

~ ~ ~

Share your chalice’d motivations to mine ?

Runnethed and brimming, Moira.