As beneficial Jupiter would have it, tripping into my house of relationships, starting this blog has brought some old friends back into my creative life, and introduced me to some new ones. I discovered artist Jamie Boyer while googling pix for my thoughts on Salacia.  I found her blog, and contacted her for permission to use her artwork here.  Her enthusiastic permission granted, the partnership begins !


Babylon is burning everywhere but here it’s numbing to sub-zero catacombs and            I’ll only be able to swim through to maybe one more chamber’d snapshot. Just because I can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not real, this frozen fire seizing riven memories under glass. Just because I feel it doesn’t mean it’s there anymore than riven dreams freeze life’s flames into salt-packed picture frames; maybe it’s late to retrieve the souls of souvenirs layered in ancient kelp and ash, calling “go”.

My ramblings are also inspired by this RadioHead tune “There, There”, which I’d like to dedicate to my friend Jeanette and her percussive life in its grooves. Turn it up and whirl your dervish, my friends!


Super gestalt for mythos weaving and un-ravelling !

Here’s the link to Jamie’s blog and paintings.  Some very cool stuff from a young  woman who started painting again about a year ago.


Kisses in all of our trances, Moira.