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One day the seer leaned toward me and took my hands in hers. She said: “People have many soul-purposes in life. Your purpose is rarer than some. It is Love.”

It’s one of the crueller verities of life, when our youthful Venusian Vision of Love gets mangled by reality along the way. Disciplining oneself to Loneliness becomes an art form, masked by singular purposefulness, jolly phonecalls, jam-packed routines of distraction.

Swallowing the acrid pills of loss, abandonment,  and banishment from the Vision can be as startling as waking from a nightmare crying out “Oh!”, or as chronic as the heart eternally beating ” I am flawed, I don’t deserve, I am a freak of nature.”

Yet, the Venusian heart beats in spite of itself, pressuring us to believe the beloved will manifest, exascerbating Lonliness.  The inner Venus continually whispers “Love where you can and Love where you must, or you are Lost”, floating hope through a life that grows thinly strickened otherwise.

 Inside of me there is a Goddess mourning that she lost her trust in Love.  Inside of me there is a Goddess banished. Inside of me are memories of wretchedness, damages willfully exchanged, stealthy executions to circumvent the Sorrow. Inside of me is a Goddess who flees from corruption, because the Goddess still believes in Love.

Obscured in the Heart’s Garden, Venus whispers “Faith” into flowering vines; rosaries of prayer offered up to Lilith, Eve and the Magdalene, offered to Medusa ~ the maligned motifs of my Goddess soul-way striving to accomplish One Sure Thing: the Love that restores relationship to its rightful place in my personal Eden.

I dedicate this prayer to Lilith, who banished herself from Eden rather than subjugate herself to her Lover’s unacceptable strictures. To Eve, who was accused of losing Paradise for all because she pursued knowledge. To the Magdalene, whose rightful identity as Christ’s wife and closest disciple has been sublimated. To Medusa, a goddess of ancient Africa during the Hellenistic era, who was transformed into a monster via the politics & dancing of the Greek panoply after she was seduced by Poseidon.

I send this prayer for release from my fears, and increase of my desires to Venus. It is She who holds the keys to my freedom in Eden.

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For my astrological ones, Venus is currently transiting conjunct Lilith & Medusa and inconjunct Magdalene via the 7th house of relationships.