These thoughts are dedicated to the calendar days now, and to all the super-cool Ariens in my life.  Some of you are Aries’ suns, many are Aries moons. Frankly I’d be lost in my life without you.

Zero Aries is the first degree of the new zodiacal year; the first day of spring. This was yesterday. As spring blooms, so we think of Aries — an emerging new force of growth and creativity; self-development and identity.  It’s a bit of the fool, and the devil-be-damned combined!  Something about leprachauns springs to mind, here.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite tarot cards, assigned in all ways to these first breaths of spring, and the ardent passions of Aries.

This is the second highest energy card in the tarot deck, next to the Sun.  Its energy is the initialization of spiritual fire required to set all creative acts in motion.

Gerd Zeigler writes: “All securities and certainties you have been clinging to will be shaken and destroyed by the impact of the energies breaking through.”

This seems a tad radical, but actually isn’t that what we’re all hoping for by this time of the year?  And if you, as I do often enough, draw this card in a reading it’s significant that static issues are about to shake up.  I always like to direct that sort of program (who, me?!) so I’d rather be ahead of it with a plan, than running behind with flames singeing my eyebrows!

This card is from Kat Black’s deck, which I started using 3 years ago.  Here’s a link to her interpretation of the card: http://goldentarot.com/miwaac.htm  For those of you who dig Medieval/Rennaissance art history and a traditional approach to the tarot interpretations (lord knows I’ve seen and used plenty of alternative decks!) this deck is the gilded bible of all.  Take a couple of minutes to click links and check out the texture of her cards.  I’m talking to all of my Catholics here !

Kat’s card truly captures the essence of a whisper kissed to flame that any of us can feel when it’s time to plan something new.  However, if you require a more potent presentation of the energy of this same card, let’s switch to Crowley’s Ace of Wands.

This card embodies the force and virility of “the ram” , reminding us we’d best have a plan of action, or the activated Zero-Aries force could self-detonate! There’s a lot of “power” in play at this cosmological moment, with several planets lined up in Aries, but there are other planets in the pageant reminding us to batten our hatches and make sound plans as we loft our spirit-wands ahead.

This is my favorite site for interpretations of Crowley’s cards:  http://tarotcrowley.blogspot.com/search/label/Wands  That “way-babe” slinging the dead tiger through the flames (Princess of Wands) … I’ve pulled her twice in two days.           Watch out World !!!

Have an inspired spring, everyone!