Today’s a special day, wrapped between yesterday’s Spring Equinox and tomorrow’s New Aries Moon.  Not only is it a poignantly meditative beginning to the new year, as we of the zodiacally-inclined count the year from Aries-Zero degrees forward, but it’s my little sister’s birthday.  Aries signifies new well-springs of high-spirited action.  The New Moon is a monthly 2-day cycle of reflection and preparation for the month to come.  The combination of these two at once sets a reflective tone on what might otherwise be a gonzo day in the neighborhood!  (Sister was last seen playing frisbee-golf with husband and dog, near an Indian restaurant … no hernias intended?).
I spent some time today thinking about Lilith’s placement in her chart.  Lilith represents that point where you’ve reached a “breaking point”, a “crisis mode” of the do-or-die variety.  With all the outspoken Aries action in play now, we’re all feeling a bit of this.  The odd thing about Lilith is that s/he can never win the battle until s/he grounds the impulse to raging energy.  Rage casts one from the garden in a state of self-banishment and self-acrimony.  I discovered the star, Salacia, next to my sister’s Lilith.  It accompanies her to dark and quiet depths where a star is not expected to be found or grounded, during bouts of Lilith. But this, dear readers is precisely where Bernadette goes when she is sent off-kilter and perceives a Lilithian phase errupting.
Salacia is Queen to Neptune, of the seas and all mineral springs.  A virgin, she fled Neptune’s desires into the distant oceans until a dolphin he’d sent for her returned her to his side.  She rules calm waters, adorns herself in seaweed and is often portrayed in a pearlescent shell chariot guided by dolphins and sea-horses.  She is a goddess revered by sea-farers, for good fortune on their travels.
I went diving into mythos
seeking Salacia for you.
She of the deep sea,
virginal nymph and borne
by dolphin to the throne
of  Neptune.
She the Queen of Seas
and mineral’d springs,
slips from Lilith’s hot embrace
into kelped skeins
of quietude; the moon’s beam
a solo beacon to reveal
this star’s light
submerged in oceanic flows.
~ ~ ~
This star, Salacia, resides in the Lilith corridor
(between the “mean” and the “true”),
embraced by banishment and longing for
that deep space where neither isolation springs, nor paradise is lost.
It is a voiceless place,
but not all songs require words to be either heard, or understood.
Salacia also rules the experience of “sound”.
Happy Birthday, Bern.