While winter was making its final pretensions to severity, the planet Mars turned retrograde in the sign of Virgo.  In the midst of January’s dark & cold it was difficult to grasp how far ahead in the year Mars would finally go direct again.  April … spring.  A long time for the planet of forward motion to be moving backwards in a sign with a penchant for tedious detailing! Mars was transiting through my 10th house of professional goals and plans. I organized and prepared everything in the house for a sale; the house included.  I had big plans for this spring and summer !  Just as items started moving out the door, the planet Mars contacted asteroid Hekate in my chart. Hekate is the crone goddess who guards the gates of hell, where Hades rules the underworld. One of her primary functions is to keep Persephone in the underworld until she’s allowed by Hades to emerge to the upper world in the spring.

The link below tells the tale.


So, there I am preparing for the move of a lifetime when Hekate reared its authoritarian bat-winged-hand indicating  “the Move” isn’t proceeding according to my plans.  My roof is leaking, my crawl-space ducting is a mess, and neighbors are selling their homes at a loss. My mother has issues with my decision. Read: Demeter the mother of Persephone.  Read: I am doomed.


Can you hear the crows cawing in my distance ?

Funny coincidence is that Hades/Pluto lives in this same house of my chart and so does Persephone.  I’ve checked some other charts … it’s not a “given” that these asteroids reside near one’s natal Pluto.  But they do for me! I heeded Hekate’s warning, with the Mars transit looping me back to what I’d desired but can’t accomplish due to bureaucratically energetic delays.  The wintered lists of unfinished business have been my preoccupation.  My Persephone resigned herself to a longer reign with Pluto in Hades, in the dark depths of delayed desires and all requisite considerations.  Pluto/Hades requires this periodic immersion into our motive-central so we can make the most appropriate changes that support our soul-life evolution.  I’m just not used to having it alarm me via the BLACK MARKER on my perpetual list.

Persephone dreams while she resides with Pluto in Hades. She’s made her marriage contract with him .. to explore the unconscious terrains of her subterranean world, until she can bring these to some profit in the terra-firma realm.  Persephone symbolizes the liminal transitions between Winter and Spring.

I’d been contemplating a blog for my myriad philosophical thoughts for some time.  Hekate sent me back to my basement to consider this.  I started my work on the blog this week as transiting Mars moved off Hekate, then conjuncted the asteroid Persephone in my chart.  I achieved this goal while the Moon and Mars met at the same Virgo degree as Persephone.

Am I dancing ?  Yes, I’m dancing … a slow tango as Persephone prepares to leave her husband for the next six months of gain and growth.

My sister sent a poem to me this week which nails the Persephone experience, at this exchange of the seasons from winter to spring, while Mars has us in a stranglehold looking backwards.  Persephone conjuncts her Neptune in the 1st house of “self-identity”. Hekate conjuncts her 1st house cusp.  We intuit matters similarly and particularly “under transit”.

A pause.  A break.  A gap.  A hole.

A void.  A rut.

My life on hold while I heal

My mind. My heart. My soul.

Open. Open. Open.

Bud. Bloom. Behold.

(Bernadette Cunningham, 3/2012)

Mars & Moon/Virgo transited her Persephone/Neptune natal point when she wrote/sent this. It’s apparent by her punctuation that Mars in Virgo transiting our points is more directive than exhilarated.  Darkness is defined by the perspective of a small flashlight sometimes;  as well as bonfires, fireworks or blazing suns.  These high-lights present varying capacities to be in touch with our deeper realms.

I dedicate Bern’s poem to this blog, sorting the minutiae of several months’ of wintered life when everything forward tripped backwards, while each of us reconstruct our platforms.

Persephone emerges

on a platform of association to who she was

and where she’ll go.