I’ve managed to fathom my way through the maze of abstractions involved with setting up this blog.  There’s much more for me to learn about widgety things, and “download/attach/how?” but I’m excited to finally be writing in format !

Great loving thanks to all of you who’ve supported this work with your enthusiasm, technical assistance, and contributions.  I’ll be contacting some of you soon for further advice!

Allow me to introduce you to the enigmatic, abstract paintings of Nexus7.  Her work thrills my core by her use of color, movement and form and represents the energetic dynamism of life as we move from dark to light, building structures out of the pieces of reality we can get a grip on.   I intend to showcase her work as an evolving gallery in the blog.  Nexus7 paints and teaches in Budapest, and it’s my honor to share her art with you here.  I’ll be posting sections of her work in the blog banner, and here’s a link to some of her work: http://www.redbubble.com/people/nexus7/collections/63898-my-paper-collage-pieces   This piece is called “Gold Spiral Trees Against Turquoise”.

Hmm … must learn how to wrap copy around graphics.

It’s been a very full Full Moon day.  I’m pretty excited to be here, and hope you’re excited to visit, too !

Kisses, Moira